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MagnaMedics: Move to Simplicity
Since 2003 MagnaMedics has established itself as a valued partner for routine and R&D laboratories and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers. With a focus on Biotechnology, MagnaMedics develops and commercializes a continuously expanding line of magnetic separation solutions.




APEPTICO identifies and develops synthetic peptides for the therapy of chronic and life-threatening diseases. APEPTICO's peptide drug molecules are based on comparable structural elements of human proteins and biopharmaceuticals. APEPTICO's drug molecule AP301 is subject to clinical studies for the treatment of pulmonary oedema in acute lung injury and lung transplantation.

Nano4Imaging Nano4Imaging develops and produces contrast agents and devices that can be used for in-vivo imaging of implants, transplants and minimal invasive devices such as catheters and guidewires in medical interventions and therapy. The focus of its patented technologies is to enable to use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which has excellent imaging properties in soft-tissues and does not impose radiation, in clinical interventions.



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